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Jeff Giolitti, M.A., L.P.C.

My commitment to supporting both the social and emotional wellness of my clients is the goal of my practice. I feel strongly that the successful development of a unique and confidential relationship can provide lifelong benefits to people of any age. I believe my genuine level of empathy and compassion will help clients whose thoughts, feelings and/or behavior is causing challenges for themselves or others.

As a 20-year middle school counselor, my experience with children, adolescents and adults has been extremely rewarding. It has allowed me the opportunity to confidently address and work with issues such as anxiety, depression, life adjustments, school concerns, relationships, and grief with students of all ages and their families. My approach to these issues is best defined as Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral in nature.

I received my Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan and my Master’s degree in Counseling from Eastern Michigan University.

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