Services for Teenagers

Counseling for Teens

Teenagers have very distinct needs and do not really fit into either the almost-adult or still-a-child category. Teens are dealing with peer pressure, hormonal changes, academic expectations, parental ideals and their own self-discovery process, all simultaneously. Their friends, their dreams and goals, their feelings, and their frustrations are the favorite topics for discussion. The confidentiality of therapy for teens is integral to success with teenagers. Many teens who have refused to continue therapy with other counselors felt that the therapist and parents were on a “team”, inevitably competing against them.  Generally, if the teen feels important and it is clear that the therapist does not have an ulterior motive for meeting with him or her (I am going to “fix” you), it will be helpful and well-received.  At MWP, the development of an effective teen-therapist bond will guide the teens process. 

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Mindful Psychology & Wellness offers mental health services for teens with the following issues:


Self-Harmful Statements

Self-Destructive Behaviors

Anxiety or Panic

Attention and concentration difficulties

School-performance issues

Oppositional, defiant, and out-of-control anger issues

Substance abuse or other addictive behaviors

Social difficulties