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Child Therapist

Psychology & Therapy for Children

We offer child psychologist & child therapy counseling services from a professional, expert, and friendly staff.

Parents and/or caregivers are met first with the clinician to discuss the identified problem and to obtain a detailed history of your child.   The child is then seen individually by the therapist, typically for several sessions, to allow the therapist to observe the child’s behavior, develop rapport and allow the therapist to form treatment recommendations to be shared with parents.

child psychologyAt our office, while confidentiality is maintained between child and therapist, parents are kept in the treatment “loop” and will be informed of progress in therapy and treatment recommendations.  If a recommendation for longer-term therapy is made for your child, the therapy may be “talk-based” (if your child is an appropriate candidate for talk therapy), or may be play-based, whichever is more effective to meet your child’s needs.

Child Psychology & Child Therapy with children incorporates a “person-centered” and strength-based approach, with interventions based upon these strengths.  Effective therapy will facilitate your child’s potential, and will create a safe and caring space for your child to express himself.

If you would like to learn more about child psychology & child therapy please contact us with any questions or schedule and appointment with our professional staff.

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Mindful Psychology and Wellness offers mental health services for children with the following issues:

General anxiety, intense and persistent fears, separation anxiety

Depression, hopelessness, low self esteem, self-harmful thinking and/or self-harmful behavioral patterns

Poor behavioral self-control, oppositional and defiant behaviors, intense and out-of-proportion anger, constant challenging behaviors toward parents or other adults

School performance issues

Attention and concentration difficulties

Consequences from bullying

Difficult transition during divorce or other significant life events

Coping with illness

Meet Our Child Psychologist & Child Therapy Team

David Manchel, Psy.D.

David Manchel, Psy.D.

Dr. Manchel, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who has been providing psychological treatment for over 25 years.

Jennie Wilcox
Jennie Wilcox, LLMSW

Jennie Wilcox is a licensed social worker experienced in crisis intervention, treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Jeffrey Giolitti
Jeff Giolitti, M.A., L.P.C.

Jeff’s commitment to supporting both the social and emotional wellness of his clients is the goal of his practice.

Max Albulov
Max Albulov, LMSW

Max Albulov is a licensed therapist who provides therapy services for children, teens, adults.

Jacklynn Ray
Jacklynn Ray, MA, TLLP

Jacklynn Ray, MA, TLLP, is a therapist committed to treat children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Samantha Krueger, LLMSW

Samantha works with individuals with adjustment disorders, relationship issues, & mood disorders.