ADHD Testing for Children, Teens, & Adults 

We Provide Comprehensive ADHD Testing

At Mindful Psychology and Wellness, LLC, we offer a thorough ADHD testing evaluation to determine if your child or teen suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There is not one formal ADHD testing measure, but rather a battery of assessments and tests. The purpose is to see how you or your child performs on specific tasks. A thorough clinical interview with parents and child will be the first step in the process. In addition, ADHD testing rating scales can identify specific symptoms of ADHD that may not emerge in the clinical interview. Answers to the questions can reveal how well a person functions at school or home.

ADHD Testing for Teens

ADHD Testing for Teens

Intelligence tests are a standard part of most thorough evaluations because they not only measure IQ but can also detect certain learning disabilities common in people with ADHD. Tests of specific abilities – such as language development, vocabulary, memory recall, motor skills – may also be recommended to screen for learning disabilities or other processing problems. Computer tests are becoming popular because patients enjoy taking them, and because they can screen for attention and impulsivity problems, which are common in people with ADHD. These “continuous performance tests” (CPT) challenge the patient to sustain attention.

After the full ADHD testing evaluation is done, the clinician shares the results that typically includes strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations that will help the child socially, emotionally, and academically.

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